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Short-term studies

If you have already turned 25 years, you have the opportunity to study short periods of time without losing your earnings-related daily allowance. The idea is not to support new studies leading to a degree, but to enable you to attend conversion training or complete your unfinished studies.

The studies are of short duration if the duration of the studies as a whole or the duration of the remaining studies does not exceed six months.

The employment authority will not separately assess your individual educational need or the appropriateness of your studies. This means that, in practice, you are free to choose what you want to study.

Short-term studies do not prevent us from paying earnings-related daily allowance. However, be sure to report your studies to the employment authority before starting of your studies.

You can only use the option of pursuing short-term studies once during one maximum payment period. Every time you meet the time-at-work condition, you get a new opportunity to pursue short-term studies.

We will not pay an increase in your earnings-related daily allowance or compensation for expenses during your short-term studies, as we would if you participated in employment-promoting services.

Be sure to keep your job seeker’s status active

During your short-term studies, you are obliged to seek and be ready to accept full-time work. In other regards as well, you are required to comply with the instructions given to you by the employment authority and what you have agreed with the employment authority.