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Applying for adjusted earnings-related daily allowance

Applying for adjusted earnings-related daily allowance

The easiest way to apply for adjusted earnings-related daily allowance is through OmaYTK. Make an application for earnings-related daily allowance and add the work you have done to the daily data.

If you are applying for daily allowance for the first time, do not apply until two weeks after the start of the work. If you are already receiving earnings-related daily allowance, keep applying in your normal rhythm. If there is a need to modify the application period, we will advise you when we process your application.

Remember to submit your application no later than three months after the date from which you apply for earnings-related daily allowance to be paid. Don’t wait for the required attachments, as they can be delivered later.

Indicate in the application the hours of work you have done. We need information on working hours to check the working time limit and to fulfill the condition of employment.

When you have income from part-time work, please let us know as well. You can retrieve the income data from the Incomes Register. If necessary, you can also attach a pay slip to the application. Income from part-time work affects the amount of your earnings-related daily allowance during the application period when the salary is paid.


You work part-time in April and apply for daily allowance. Salary will not be paid until May.

When you submit an application for April in May, indicate the working hours for April in the application. We need information about them for monitoring working conditions and working hours. Send an application. Since there is no salary payment in April, we do not need salary information at this stage.

When you apply for May in June, include a pay slip. We need it to calculate the effect of pay on earnings-related daily allowance.

For secondary business activities, you do not have to report working hours. Instead, attach a copy of the confirmed taxation to the application. If the business activity has only just begun or there are substantial changes after taxation, submit another statement of the company’s income instead of a taxation decision.

If you work through an invoicing company, you do not need to report working hours. Send us a pay slip.

Required attachments

When you apply for the first time for an adjustable daily allowance, we need an employment contract to accompany your application. The employment contract contains information such as the basis for your pay and working hours. We need this information to process your application.

You can obtain the necessary wage information from the Incomes Register. You can do this at the same time as you make your application in OmaYTK.

Information from the Incomes Register may not be sufficient or may contain errors. Check the information carefully and, if necessary, add a salary certificate to the application.

Enter all the hours you have worked in the application. Even though the adjusted daily allowance is pay-as-you-go, we need to know when you worked in order to complete the employment register.