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Applying for and payment of mobility allowance

How to apply for mobility allowance

Apply for mobility allowance retroactively no later than three months from the date from which you apply for mobility allowance.

You can also apply for mobility allowance in advance, but we will process the application no earlier than two weeks after the start of the employment relationship or work-related training.

Apply for mobility allowance using a separate form, which you can find in OmaYTK or on our website. Fill in the form, save it and go to OmaYTK. In OmaYTK, you can add a form as an attachment and send it to us.

We need a copy of the employment contract attached to the application.

Mobility allowance can be applied for only once, which means that you can apply for the entire support period with one application. On the application form for mobility allowance, you will also find a separate notification of change form, which you can use to report changes during the employment relationship. Remember to notify us immediately if there are any changes in your employment relationship. If work is interrupted or the employment relationship ends, we can no longer pay mobility allowance.

Payment schedule

We always pay mobility allowance retrospectively in periods of 4 calendar weeks. The first payment may be for a shorter period, however, it will be at least 2 calendar weeks. 

When you receive mobility allowance for full-time work, the payment date is Friday every four weeks. 

When you work part-time, we can only pay mobility allowance for working days. We will review the payment when we process your earnings-related daily allowance application.