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The YTK Unemployment Fund is a data management unit within the meaning of the Data Management Act. According to Section 28(1) of the Data Management Act, the data management unit must maintain a description of the data resources and the register of matters it manages in order to implement the principle of public access.

According to Section 4 of the Publicity Act, a public authority is not only an organisation that is clearly part of the public administration apparatus, but also a private-law entity if it has been given a public function by law. The Unemployment Fund is a body governed by private law whose task, according to Article 1(1) of the Unemployment Fund Act, is to provide its members with income security and related maintenance payments within the meaning of the Unemployment Security Act.

Under the Publicity Act, the unemployment fund is treated as a public authority only to the extent that it exercises public authority. Such exercise of public authority means, for example, interfering with the legal position of an individual through an administrative decision, such as the granting of benefits. The law therefore applies to all the activities of an unemployment fund which relate to the provision of benefits to its members.

The purpose of the description is to assist individuals and organisations in making requests for information on the YTK Unemployment Fund’s databases and register of cases. A request for information is a request for a public authority document in which the requester asks for information on a public authority document. The request may concern a single piece of information or document, a document consisting of information from different sources or a larger body of public authority material.

According to Section 13 of the Publicity Act, the request for information must be specified in sufficient detail. On the basis of an individualised request, we can determine which information or document is the subject of the request.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), the data subject has the right to

A document disclosure statement is an overview of the data sets we hold and how they are structured. In the description, we have presented the repositories as sets of logically related data sets.

How to make a request and contact details

If you wish to make a request for information concerning the data contained in the case register or data repository mentioned in this description, please address your request to us by post:

YTK Työttömyyskassa
PL 100
32201 Loimaa

or via e-mail:

[email protected]

When using the above contact details, the request for information is forwarded to our customer service department, where we register it in order to keep track of deadlines. Our customer service will forward the information requests to the correct party for response.

Requests for verification of your personal data should be made by submitting a request for verification of personal data by post to the address above or by sending it via the OmaYTK.

Upon receipt of the request, we will process the data disclosure case in accordance with applicable law and respond to the request within the time frame required by law. If a document is confidential under the Public Access Act, we will not disclose the document. 

YTK Unemployment Fund information systems

We process data on members and beneficiaries on the basis of the Unemployment Insurance Act in order to carry out our public administrative task. We also process data on our employees on the basis of the Employment Contracts Act.

The following information systems contain data relating to the register of cases or data management of services

Data sets in information systems by category and search criteria

For the purpose of this description, the term ‘data set’ is as defined in the Act on Information Management in Public Administration (906/2019). A dataset is a set of documents and other similar information related to a specific function or service of a public authority.

We have divided our dataset into the main data groups: service production data, human resources data and financial and administrative data.

In order to identify the information requests and to enable precise information requests, the description lists the types of search terms that can be used to retrieve information from the information systems presented in the document. These search factors are the information describing the content of the data sets and facilitating searches on them. The search factors do not limit the public access to documents or information, but inform the requester of the types of search factors that facilitate searches and that we can use to respond to requests for information on the basis of a request for information within the meaning of Article 13 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities.

There are no publicly available open technical interfaces in our systems.

Maintaining the document disclosure description

The description is maintained by the document management unit of the YTK Unemployment Fund.

Document disclosure description

Document disclosure description