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Frequently asked

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

Even though applying for earnings-related daily allowance is easy and unemployment security is simple in principle, it’s not uncommon to have questions on your mind that you want answers to.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to help! On this page, we have listed some of the most common questions that we are asked. Read the answers to frequently asked questions!

Nainen istuu nojatuolissa ja näppäilee kännykkää tyytyväinen ilme kasvoilla.

When will I get my money?

The most common question asked from us concerns the payment schedule of earnings-related daily allowance.

It is important to us that you receive your earnings-related daily allowance quickly. Processing a single application takes us no time at all.

We handle the unemployment security of more than half a million wage earners, so at times there can be a lot of applications to process at once. For example, the turn of the month is a busy time as we receive large amounts of applications at once. When this happens, the processing time may be longer because the processing of applications must be done partly manually. Our website has an estimate of current processing times.

The processing time also depends on the type of application. The first application is often the most labour-intensive, as we need check all the requirements and restrictions, calculate the amount of earnings-related daily allowance and set a waiting period. The processing time for these applications may therefore be slightly longer.

If your full-time unemployment or lay-off continues without changes, the follow-up applications will, in practice, proceed directly to payment. In this case, you will receive your earnings-related daily allowance in just two banking days.

Read more about applying for earnings-related daily allowance and different application types on our website.

Payment forecast

Piirroskuva auringosta ja parista pilvestä.

Check the forecast to see when your application will be processed.

Other frequently asked questions

Although applying for earnings-related daily allowance is easy, you may come across many situations that leave you with questions. If you have questions, browse our knowledge bank or contact us.

Sometimes, you may not even know what to ask. That’s okay too. When you contact us, we will listen to your concerns and look into the matter.

Below are some situations that others have also asked us about:

It’s annoying to be unable to access the service just when you have the time set aside. Our online service OmaYTK is reliable, but it is always possible that a technical failure comes up and the service is unavailable.

  • If you are unable to access OmaYTK, first check if there is a notification about the disturbance on our website. The fault may be caused by a larger network problem or by a maintenance outage on our end.
    • If you can see a notification on our website, this means that we are already fixing the problem.
  • Sometimes the reason may be a problem with identifying to the service. In such cases, you can contact the bank or operator whose identification service you are using.
  • If none of the above seems to be the problem, try clearing your browser’s cache.
    • A browser is an application that allows you to access content on the Internet. A browser is almost always needed when using the Internet, and they can be found in one form or another on all computers and other smart devices. The settings of the browser you are using typically have a privacy section, under which you will often find a button to clear the browser cache.
  • You can also try logging in with an entirely different browser. Also, check the browser version you are using and always update it to the latest version.
    • Recommended browsers are Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • If you have a very old computer, you may not be able to install the latest browser versions. In this case, try using a newer computer or mobile device. For example, old game consoles may have difficulty logging in to OmaYTK.

You can submit your first application two weeks after the start of unemployment. For example, if unemployment starts on 1 January, you can submit your first application on 14 January. In this case, the application period is from 1 January to 14 January.

When you submit a follow-up application, OmaYTK will automatically suggest a start date and an end date for the application. Please follow the suggestion unless we specifically ask you otherwise.

When your unemployment or lay-off ends, you can submit applications until the last day of unemployment or lay-off. In this case, you can select another date than the one suggested by OmaYTK.

We generally receive all the necessary information with the application and from the Incomes Register. Sometimes, we need additional information about your wages or your employment contract, for example. By filling in the application carefully, OmaYTK will guide you and ask for the necessary attachments. However, you can always send the application without attachments. When we process your application, we will ask for additional information if necessary.

You can find more information about the necessary attachments in our knowledge bank.

When you register as a jobseeker, the employment authority evaluates your situation and gives a statement on your case. We receive the statement directly electronically. With the statement, the employment authority tells us whether you are entitled to unemployment benefits. If we have not received a statement, we cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance. That’s why it’s important that you remember to register as a jobseeker.

However, the lack of a statement does not prevent you from submitting the application. For this reason, always submit your application on time, even if you have not yet received the employment authority’s statement.

In our knowledge bank, you can find more information about the employment authority’s duties.

The law requires us to give you a decision within 30 days of receiving the application, provided that all necessary information is available to us. However, it is very rare that you will need to wait this long. Normally, we get your money to you very quickly.

However, there are situations when processing the application is slower. Sometimes, for example, we have to wait for further clarification or statements from the employment authority. We also experience congestion from time to time due to the high number of applications. The busiest time is the turn of the month for the first few months of the year. This is when unemployment is typically at its highest, and we receive tens of thousands of applications at once.

It is important to us that you receive your earnings-related daily allowance quickly. That is why we are constantly developing our tools and online service. In addition, we train our staff and try out new practices. For your part, you can help us by filling in your application carefully. In particular, entering your income correctly helps us greatly.

See also our estimated payment times.

There is a waiting period at the start of the period of receiving earnings-related daily allowance. During the waiting period, we cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance. The waiting period is applied no more than once a year when you meet the working condition (työssäoloehto) and the maximum payment period starts over.

Read more about the waiting period in our knowledge bank.

Earnings-related unemployment allowance is taxable income. We receive the necessary information directly from the tax authorities.

However, when you apply for earnings-related daily allowance, you should visit the Tax Administration’s MyTax service. Order a new tax card so that the tax authorities have an estimate of the earnings-related daily allowances to be paid to you. When you register YTK Työttömyyskassa as the recipient of tax information, the tax authority will send us the revised withholding rate directly for the payment of earnings-related daily allowance.

During the notice period, you are not yet unemployed, so we cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance.

If the notice period has not been observed, the employer must pay you compensation corresponding to the notice period. If you are entitled to such compensation, we cannot pay earnings-related daily allowance for this period. What is often confusing is that we cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance even if you do not receive the compensation. The payment of the earnings-related daily allowance is prevented by the mere right to compensation. In other words, it makes no difference whether the compensation has been paid to you or not.

The unemployment fund cannot help you in matters related to your employment relationship. Because of this, we cannot help you if your employer refuses to pay you the compensation you are owed. If you are a member of YTK Worklife, you can use the Legal Buddy legal service to help you with issues related to your employment relationship.

We cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance if you are entitled to annual holiday pay based on earnings from full-time work. If you are fully unemployed, such a situation will not arise in practice.

If you are employment part-time, it is possible that you are entitled to holiday pay on the basis of full-time work. We cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance during this period. If, on the other hand, you receive holiday pay based on earnings from part-time work, we will take the holiday pay into account when adjusting your allowance. In this case, holiday pay reduces the earnings-related daily allowance paid to you. In these situations, it is also possible that earnings-related daily allowance may not be paid to you at all.

Unfortunately, we cannot receive information about holiday pay from the Incomes Register. Therefore, always remember to report your holiday pay carefully in your application.

You can apply for earnings-related daily allowance even if you work part-time. In that case, we will pay you an adjusted earnings-related allowance. Read more about adjusted earnings-related daily allowance in our knowledge bank.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our knowledge bank

Our guide on earnings-related unemployment security has a wealth of information on the matter. In the guide, you will find plenty of information about unemployment security and many practical examples.