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Finland’s number-one unemployment fund

YTK Unemployment Fund is Finland’s biggest and most popular unemployment fund.

The best thing about YTK is that we like our members and our members like us.

In fact, the reason why YTK is Finland’s biggest unemployment fund is because of our members. They recommend us to their friends and family.

Finland’s largest and most diverse pool of members

YTK would not exist without our members. That is why we are delighted to see tens of thousands of wage earners choosing YTK to secure their income every year. Our solid performance over the years has made YTK the largest unemployment fund in Finland.

We are proud to represent employees from all sectors of the economy. There are already 533 635 of us. The number equates to comfortably more than 20 per cent of wage earners in Finland.

We want to know what our members think, what they consider important and what they want. Our members’ service experience guides our every step forward. The feedback that we receive from our members makes our work meaningful and rewarding, and drives us to raise our standard of service to new heights. Feedback is extremely valuable to us, and we are very grateful!

The complex role of an unemployment fund

Our job is to provide earnings-related unemployment security to our members. What this means in practice is that we can advise you in matters related to unemployment security and, if you become unemployed, we will pay you an earnings-related daily allowance. This sounds simple in theory but actually requires a well-oiled machinery and a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals.

YTK is a community founded on the principle of mutual responsibility, which means that our members are also the owners of YTK and decide how YTK works. The members convene once a year to elect the fund’s Board of Directors, which in turn appoints the Managing Director and other members of the Management Team. The Managing Director – together with the rest of the Management Team – is responsible for overseeing the fund’s operation and performance. Our goal is to provide job security for everyone.

Our goal is to provide job security for everyone

Auli Hänninen, Managing Director of YTK Unemployment Fund

We pay several hundred million euros in earnings-related daily allowances to our members every year. However, we do not finance these benefits alone. Unemployment security is a public service and vital for the functioning of the labour market. This is why funding for the system is pooled from multiple sources: from the government, from employers, from employees and from members of unemployment funds. It is thanks to this large pool of contributors that we have such a comprehensive system of earnings-related unemployment security in Finland. It provides a safety net that makes it easier to navigate the labour market and grow professionally.

YTK Unemployment Fund was established in 1991. We started accepting members in 1992 and have grown every year since then. What this tells us is that people trust us and that the service we provide is both valued and needed. Our ever-growing pool of members has created a positive cycle: the bigger we get, the better positioned we become to provide a high standard of service, which in turn helps us to keep our existing members and attract new ones. Thanks for this are due to every single YTK member through the ages!

Our values

We reflected on our corporate culture and identified our shared values approximately ten years ago. We decided to adopt three core values to guide us in our daily work and through all kinds of transitions and choices. It is now safe to say that we chose our values well. They are still just as relevant and helpful as they were when we first conceived them.

Change is an opportunity

We have the courage to experiment, ask questions and voice our opinions so that we can support you and the labour market.
Every career is unique.
We look for new ways to bring work and workers together. We build new services that help to improve the Finnish labour market.
Change is not easy – we are here to offer support and encouragement.

Your guide

In the event of unemployment, we will be your guide.

You don’t have to worry about things alone – it’s a matter of honour for us to help you in the sometimes complicated labyrinths of unemployment security.  For example, if we ask for additional information, we will tell you what we need it for.

Each of us walks an individual path in working life. We want to guide and coach everyone equally and to provide the ingredients of a healthy work–life balance.

Courageous debater

Communication is ultimately all about interaction and exchanging ideas. When we share knowledge and experiences, we can develop what is good and change the things that are not working.

We courageously discuss working life and changing it. We want to be direct, fair and real. Without courage, much can be left unsaid and therefore misunderstood.