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YTK:n työntekijä työssään.

At the YTK, we have a genuine desire to do things right. The desire to do the right thing is not limited to our core mission. We recognise that we have many interested parties, we are part of society and the environment. Our actions have an impact. That’s why we are always working to ensure that our actions are practical in order to increase social justice, improve the environment and create sustainable growth. We constantly evaluate and promote our sustainability work.

We adhere to the principles of good governance and work together to promote a legal and good culture. The YTK Unemployment Fund is independent and impartial.

We are guided by laws and regulations

We comply with the laws and the regulations and instructions given to us. We also actively monitor changes in legislation.

We respect your privacy and ensure your data protection is up to date

We process personal data in a reliable manner and comply with current legislation and regulations.

We meet each other on an equal footing

We are committed to respecting and promoting internationally recognised human rights in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

We take care of the safety of the working environment

Together, we make sure that our workplace is safe.

We make eco-friendly choices

We aim to prevent and reduce the negative impacts of our activities on the environment and climate.

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