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Part-time working

  1. Register as a jobseeker
  2. Apply for daily allowance
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Register as a jobseeker

Working part-time does not prevent you from receiving income-related daily allowance. However, you can only receive income support after you have registered as a jobseeker. You can register via the TE services’ website.

You cannot apply for a job retroactively, so don’t forget to register.

Apply for adjusted daily allowance

When you work part-time, you can also apply for earnings-related daily allowance. When we pay you an earnings-related allowance, we take into account the amount of income you receive for working part-time. This is called adjusted earnings-related daily allowance. It is a combination of the daily allowance and your pay.

The easiest way to apply is to use the OmaYTK. OmaYTK will advise and guide you in filling in the application and adding the necessary attachments. When we process your application, we will check that everything is in order. If anything is missing or we need more information, we will contact you.

We will process your application as quickly as possible. You can see the processing status in the payment forecast.

If you continue to work part-time, please apply for a renewal every month or as instructed by us. Please also make sure that your job application remains valid and always follow the instructions of the employment services.

We can only pay you three months’ income support retroactively, so make sure you always apply on time.


A service that makes it easy and safe for you to send us your daily allowance application and its attachments.

Payment forecast

Check the forecast to see when your application is in the queue.

Daily allowance calculator

You can use our calculator to work out in advance how much daily allowance you would receive.

Consider the options

Part-time work is well suited to many life situations. The earnings-related daily allowance also gives you the chance to consider your options and think about your career plan.

If you are a member of the YTK Worklife, don’t miss out on comprehensive working life services to support your employment and job search!

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