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Payment forecast

Last updated 23.5.

Now we are busy. The number of applications is high. We expect to process first applications in about 3-4 weeks. Follow-up applications where you have declared work or where there are changes will be processed in about 2-3 weeks. We will pay the follow-up applications of a fully unemployed person immediately.

  • Normal

  • Slightly backlogged

  • Backlogged

Current forecast status: Backlogged

Today in processing


First applications received


Follow-up applications with attachments or changes, such as part-time work


Follow-up applications, entirely unemployed with no changes

Applications in the queue

2 842

First applications

4 225

Follow-up applications with attachments or changes, such as part-time work

7 067

Total number of applications

Some applications require more detailed expertise. These are, for example, applications involving business activities. These applications are routed internally to the right place and the processing time for these applications may differ from the above, depending on the situation.

What affects the processing time?

The processing time is the time it takes from the date of receipt of the application to the date of the decision or payment. After that, it takes a further two working days for the money to be transferred.

The processing time is affected by the type of application, the additional information required and the number of applications per day. As the situation is constantly evolving, it is not possible to give an exact processing time for an individual application in advance.

You can find out more about the number of working days that affect the processing times and the deferral of payment in our database.