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Studies and membership

You can only join our fund as a wage earner. However, studying is not an obstacle to membership. So, even if you are a student, you can join us while you are working. Once you have joined as a member, you need not terminate your membership even if you start studying or continue your previous studies.

Membership pays off!

Membership with us pays off. If you become unemployed or are laid off, you have the opportunity to apply for earnings-related daily allowance to support your studies. This way, you can also use the unemployment or lay-off period for pursuing your studies.

Even though studying is not an obstacle to membership, studying may prevent you from receiving earnings-related daily allowance. Even if you were not entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance because you are a student, you should still keep your membership active. This allows you to retain the time-at-work you have already accumulated and apply for an earnings-related daily allowance after your studies have ended if you cannot immediately find a suitable job.

When you keep your membership in the unemployment fund active, you can also accumulate your time-at-work by working during your studies. For example, many students work during holidays while they are studying. With these jobs, you can accumulate the required time-at-work as long as your membership with us is active.

Therefore, if you work during your studies, you should join us no later than on the first day at work. Furthermore, once you have joined, you can keep your membership during your studies.

Studies and membership fee

Our membership fee is the same for everyone, and it is not possible to get any discounts or exemptions. The unemployment fund is a community operating on the basis of joint and several responsibility and we use the membership fees to finance the benefits we pay. For this reason, we think it is important that all members contribute equally.

If your life situation means that you have trouble paying the membership fee, you can ask for more time to pay, or ask to pay in instalments. We are flexible when it comes to arrangements like this.