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Job search obligation

When you apply for income support, you must also actively seek work and training.

It is not enough to look for jobs on your own initiative to qualify for the daily allowance. You must register as a jobseeker with the employment services. Together with the employment services, you will assess your service needs, draw up an employment plan and identify services to support your job search.

When you apply for income support, you are obliged to report the implementation of your employment plan to the employment authority in the way it determines.

Your main obligation is to apply for work and training. The law specifically states that your employment plan should include three one-month reference periods during which you must apply for four job opportunities.

In general, you are therefore obliged to look for at least four jobs per month. This may be waived if the employment services consider that there are not four job opportunities available during the reference period which, taking into account your work experience, training and other factors, would be suitable for you.

The employment services will advise you in more detail on how to fulfil your obligation to look for work.