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Your obligations as an applicant

When you apply for income-related daily allowance, it is your responsibility as a claimant to give us all the information we need to decide on your claim. You are also obliged to notify us of any changes that may affect your right to receive benefit or that may change the amount of benefit.

This may sound like a burdensome obligation or otherwise cause you concern, but don’t worry. When you make an application for income-related benefits on OmaYTK, our service will guide and advise you on how to provide all the necessary information.

Always fill in your application carefully. If you fail to declare or misdeclare facts that affect your entitlement to benefits or the amount of your benefit, you could be subject to a recovery order. This means that you will have to pay back the daily allowance that you are not entitled to.

If you deliberately or persistently fail to report or misreport information, you may also be reprimanded, warned or excluded from the fund. If there is reason to suspect a criminal offence, we must also submit a request for investigation to the police.

Information to be reported

Here is a list of the most typical information you are obliged to provide us with as an applicant

  • previous memberships in unemployment fund
  • obtaining basic daily allowance
  • being a job seeker and ending the job search
  • continuation of unemployment
  • beginning or ending of employment, employment, own work and business activities
  • salary or other consideration from employment, employment, own work and business activities
  • a financial benefit or compensation obtained on the basis of employment, employment, own work or business
  • receiving severance pay
  • working hours used for work
  • income from the sale of a business or corporate assets related to the cessation of business activities or the taking of business assets for private use
  • termination of employment-promoting service
  • end of training qualifying for training allowance
  • compensation for loss of earnings under motor liability insurance, accident insurance or the Military Injuries Act
  • social benefit received or applied for in Finland and abroad, including home care allowance received by a married or cohabiting partner and supplementary pension arranged by the employer that exceeds the minimum conditions of the Employees Pensions Act
  • pay security granted or refused
  • dependent children
  • other similar change in circumstances
  • days when you have participated in a service promoting employment other than labour market training, self-motivated studies of a jobseeker supported by unemployment benefit, or self-motivated studies referred to in the Act on the Promotion of Integration
  • commencement of military service, non-military service or imprisonment, admission to hospital or other comparable institutional care, and other similar matters