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Earnings-related daily allowance

The daily allowance is intended to provide you with a living wage during unemployment.

You can also receive an earnings-related allowance for periods of temporary lay-offs, part-time work and part-time employment.

You can also use it to study!

When can you get income-related daily allowance?

We can pay you an earnings-related allowance if you meet all the conditions for it, there are no obstacles and you have remembered to apply for it by the deadline.

The main conditions for getting an earnings-related allowance are


To receive an income-related allowance from us, you must be a member.

Once you are a member and meet the employment condition, you are covered by the earnings protection scheme.

So make sure you join us on your first day of work. You keep your membership by paying a membership fee.

Working condition

To qualify for the daily allowance, you must have been working. This condition is called the work condition.

When you work during your membership, you accumulate a working condition, i.e. you are entitled to an earnings-related allowance.

You need to have worked for at least 26 calendar weeks, i.e. about six months.

Job search

We can only pay you an income-related allowance if you have registered as a jobseeker.

You can register as a jobseeker on the TE services’ online service at työ

This is important because without a statement from the employment authority, we cannot pay earnings-related daily allowance even if there are no other obstacles to payment.

You cannot apply for a job retroactively, so register as a jobseeker on your first day of unemployment at the latest.

Remember to apply for daily allowance in time

We can only pay you an earnings-related allowance for a period of three months before your application is submitted. This means that if you apply late, we may not be able to pay you income-related daily allowance for the period for which you have applied.

For example, if you send in an application in May claiming earnings-related daily allowance for the month of January preceding your claim, we will not be able to pay you earnings-related daily allowance for January because we will miss the three-month deadline.

So remember to apply for an earnings-related allowance at the latest within three months of the date you want the payment to start.

Read more about how to apply for an earnings-related allowance.

Restrictions on the payment of the daily allowance

There are some restrictions on the payment of the daily allowance. When you apply to us for an income-related daily allowance, we will check all of them. If there is a restriction that prevents payment, we will give you a negative decision.

You can read more about the different restrictions in our database.

Amount of the daily allowance

The easiest way to estimate the amount of daily allowance you will receive is to use the calculator on our website.

The average full pre-tax daily allowance we pay is around 80 € per day and the average adjusted pre-tax daily allowance is around 37 € per day.

The average full daily allowance we pay per month after tax is around 1 200 € to 1 380 €.

Read more about the amount of the daily allowance.

Duration of the daily allowance

When you become entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance, we can pay you an earnings-related daily allowance for a maximum of 300, 400 or 500 days in total.

The length of this maximum period depends on your work history and your age.

If you have a longer work history, you will receive a longer maximum period of payment. The longest maximum period is when you are approaching retirement age.

Read more about the duration of the earnings-related daily allowance.