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Independent studying

If you are over 25 years of age and cannot find suitable labour market training from the offerings of the TE Services, you can apply for earnings-related daily allowance to support independent studying. Contact the TE Services well in advance before starting your studies.

If the employment authority considers that independent studying is the most appropriate way to improve your professional skills and your chances of getting or keeping a job, we can pay earnings-related daily allowance even if you study full time.

If you wish to receive support for independent studying, you must have agreed on the matter with the employment authority before starting your studies and the studies must be full time.

We can pay you earnings-related daily allowance without independent studying preventing its payment for a maximum of two years. Studying will reduce the maximum payment period of your earnings-related daily allowance in the normal manner, so earnings-related daily allowance may run out even before the expiry of the support period granted for your studies.

A prerequisite for the payment of earnings-related daily allowance is that you make adequate progress in your studies in accordance with your study plan. If you do not make adequate progress or fail to report your progress to the employment authority as agreed, the support for your studies will end starting from the date when you stopped making adequate progress. That may mean that you must pay back the daily allowances already paid to you. Therefore, be sure to immediately notify the employment authority if there is a risk that you may fall behind in your studies or you intend to discontinue your studies.

During independent studying, the Unemployment Security Act will be exceptionally applied to the effect that the maximum payment period will not start over, and the amount of your daily allowance will not be redefined even if you fulfil the time-at-work condition again. Therefore, if you work during your studies and the time-at-work condition is met, we will calculate a new earnings-related daily allowance and you will only be assigned a new maximum period when your studies end.