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Labour market training

Labour market training is training procured by TE Services, which is planned and implemented in collaboration with educational institutions providing training and employers.

Those in labour market training may pursue a vocational, further or specialist qualification, parts of a qualification, further or continuing education, entrepreneurship training, or integration training. Labour market training may also consist of basic education for adults, studies leading to a higher education degree, or completion of the training required for various cards and permits needed in work, such as hygiene passports, occupational safety cards, taxi drivers’ licences, or vocational qualification training.

Student admissions

Although we pay you earnings-related daily allowance for the duration of labour market training, we do not play a role in student admissions. The employment authority selects students for the training.

Priority will be given to unemployed persons or persons whose work is about to end. You can also be selected even if you are employed or self-employed if the education is found to promote your employment prospects in your current job or support a change of career. Labour market training is adult education, so people under the age of 20 are rarely admitted.

Students will be selected by an admissions team consisting of experts from the TE Services and a representative of the training provider. When the employer is involved in the planning and financing of the training, the employer’s representative will also participate in the selections.

Student selections will be made on the basis of applications, interviews, and possible aptitude tests. There may also be a screening period at the beginning of the training, after which only some of the students will continue with the training.

If you are interested in attending labour market training, contact the TE Services. Keep the following in mind:

  • An employment authority must verify that you have a training need.
  • Persons who are suitable for the training and the work it aims for will be admitted as students. Suitability will be determined based on the required skills and qualities and the health requirements of the professional field or profession concerned.
  • Your interest and motivation for studying are important for achieving the training objectives, so be sure to mention them when applying to a labour market training.
  • Your previous education and work experience and the impact of the training on your employment prospects will also be assessed in the selection.
  • Some of the training courses are intended to specific target groups, such as long-term unemployed, immigrants or a certain age group, so you may not have the opportunity to be admitted to all training courses if you do not belong to the groups concerned.

Labour market training and earnings-related daily allowance

Labour market training is a service that promotes employment. During that time, we can pay you the earnings-related daily allowance that you would receive even if you were unemployed. If the training has been agreed on in your employment plan, you have the opportunity to receive earnings-related daily allowance increased.

In addition, we have the option of paying you an expense allowance of 9 € per day. We can pay an increased expense allowance if you participate in labour market training outside your commuting area. In that case, the expense allowance is 18 € per day.

Labour market training will reduce the maximum payment period of your earnings-related daily allowance in the normal manner, so earnings-related daily allowance may run out even before the expiry of the support period granted for your studies.

If you are selected for labour market training, you must attend the teaching regularly and make progress in your studies according to the training or study plan. If you do not make progress in your studies, the employment authority may decide to stop your training.

When you participate in labour market training, we may exceptionally pay you earnings-related daily allowance even if you would otherwise not be eligible for the allowance because of a suspension period or waiting period. Also, if you fail to apply for a place to study in the joint application procedure, you can still receive daily allowance as long as you participate in the training.