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Advance payment

We can also pay you an advance on your earnings-related allowance. However, an advance payment does not mean that we can pay in advance.

You always apply retroactively for daily allowance, but in certain situations we can pay without a decision. An advance payment means that we pay before a decision is taken.

We can pay an advance without a decision when

  • it is obvious that you are entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance, but some information is still missing and waiting for the necessary information would lead to an unreasonable delay in the payment of the benefit; or where
  • our payment of benefits is backlogged for some unforeseeable reason and the time taken to process applications exceeds the 30-day limit laid down by law.

The total amount of the advance can be paid for a maximum of two months.

If necessary, you can request an advance payment. There are certain conditions and limits to the use of an advance payment, so we may not be able to use an advance payment despite your request.

If we grant you an advance before a decision is taken, we will ensure that the case is closed so that you receive a decision on your earnings-related allowance as required by law. If we can use an advance payment, we will typically pay you the amount of the basic daily allowance. In practice, this means that when we issue a decision, we can also make a supplementary payment and correct the amount of income-related daily allowance you receive to the correct amount.