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TE Statement

When you register as a job seeker, the employment authority checks the labour policy conditions and restrictions for the payment of the benefit.

If you have informed the employment authority that you intend to apply for earnings-related daily allowance from us, the employment authority will provide us with a statement on the above-mentioned matters. We may also directly request a TE statement or supplement to it.

The TE statement is important because without it we cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance. The TE statement tells us whether all the labour policy conditions are met and whether there is some labour policy barrier to payment.

Although we cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance without a TE statement, it does not mean that we can pay you earnings-related daily allowance solely on the basis of a TE statement. You may therefore have a statement that there is no labour policy barrier to the payment of earnings-related daily allowance, but nevertheless we cannot pay if some condition for payment is missing or some other restriction prevents payment.