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Survey for members

We have noticed that in the public debate, unemployment is still associated with overly negative images. Our spring Member pulse survey showed that many people’s first-hand experience of unemployment does not match this public image.

We believe that a period of unemployment can be a meaningful step towards the next job and is a normal part of working life. At the same time, it is often overlooked that unemployment is hard work.

We want to raise the issue again and draw attention to the way society and we as people talk about unemployment. As our members are everything to us, we want to know your opinion on the issue first, so that we can present the issues in the right way.

The spring Members’ Pulse: concern but also hope

According to the spring Members’ Pulse survey, our members’ concerns about rising unemployment have risen since last autumn. This concern is particularly reflected in older age groups and, to some extent, in unemployed job seekers.    
The YTK will continue to work to support its members and improve their employment opportunities. Unemployment funds are gaining access to employment support for their members, and the YTK Worklife offers a wide range of other tools to support job search.  

Summer will soon be here – remember these things about holidays and holiday pay

For many of us, summer means either a longer or shorter holiday. How many days of holiday do you accumulate if you have a permanent or, for example, a fixed-term contract? Do you get paid for your holiday and how much? We’ve put together answers to these questions and more!

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Changes to the law

In April, the child increase to the daily allowance and the protected component of the adjusted daily allowance ended. The most typical impact will be felt when we first pay out the April earnings-related daily allowances in May.

The Government has proposed to Parliament that the Unemployment Fund could in future support the employment of its members. Parliament is aiming to deal with the proposal before the summer recess.

Proposals to abolish the alternation leave, to stagger the earnings-related daily allowance, to remove the working condition for wage subsidy work and to abolish age-related exemptions are also still pending in Parliament.

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As the summer approaches, a member of YTK Worklife should take a look at these, for example:

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