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The law changed – now we can help you find a job


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Parliament has passed a law that allows us to support the employment of our members. Now we are rapidly building new services to help you through the twists and turns of your working life.

Our aim is to be able to deliver comprehensive, relevant and effective employment services to our members quickly. We want our members to be less likely to be unemployed in the future and to have shorter periods of unemployment. We also want our members to have the opportunity to develop their skills and careers so that meaningful jobs lead naturally in the changing world of work.

We will also continue to take good care of your and our other members’ income security and constantly strive to improve our customers’ experience with us.

The use of the new employment services is entirely voluntary and is not linked to the conditions for the payment of the earnings-related daily allowance.

You can find more information on employment services on our website.

Successful lobbying

According to the Unemployment Fund Act, the Unemployment Fund’s task is to organise income security for its members. The law specifically prohibits any other activity. In practice, this has meant that we have been able to pay out billions of euros in income support, but have been unable to help our members find work.

We have long criticised this restriction and proposed improvements to the law. We have also asked our members and the overwhelming majority have supported the idea that we could support our members’ employment.

Our long-term work has been successful and the law has now been changed. We are very happy that we have been given the opportunity to support the employment of our members!