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Supporting employment is progressing


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The Government’s proposal to Parliament for legislation extending the tasks of unemployment funds will be discussed today in the General Council of Government. The idea is that the unemployment fund could in future also help its members to find employment.

The YTK Unemployment Fund has proposed and actively lobbied for a change in the law that would allow unemployment funds to help their members into employment. At present, we are only allowed to provide unemployment benefits. It has always seemed natural to us that, in addition to paying earnings-related daily allowance, we could also support the employment of our members. We have a direct link with the member and, for example, when applying for income support, we could also start looking for a job at a low threshold. The services we would offer would be voluntary, so the support would be based on genuine motivation and cooperation.

We will follow the progress of the amendment in Parliament and keep you informed of progress.

A government bill on the amendment has been submitted to Parliament.