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Studying and membership of an unemployment fund


  • Income security
  • Studies

Membership of the YTK is also worth keeping during your studies. This way, you will maintain your income security and secure your next turnaround.

As a member of the YTK, you have the opportunity to support your studies with a daily allowance. You can read more about these options here. Studying can also prevent you from receiving an earnings-related allowance.

Even if you are not entitled to an earnings-related allowance because you are a student, it is still useful to keep your membership. It allows you to keep the employment record you have already accumulated and to claim income support after you finish your studies if you don’t find a suitable job straight away. In this case, you will be entitled to earnings-related pay based on the working conditions you accumulated before your studies. It is possible to claim up to seven years of working conditions before your studies.

If you remain a member of the fund, you can also accumulate new working conditions by working during your studies. It is very common for students to work, for example during study holidays. You can take advantage of these by becoming a member of the YTK.

You can only join the unemployment fund if you are working. So if you work while studying, you should join at the latest on your first day of work. Moreover, once you have joined, your studies are no obstacle to maintaining your membership.

There are no exemptions from the YTK membership fee. Membership fees are used to jointly and severally finance the benefits paid by the Fund and therefore, for example, studying is not a reason for an exemption from membership fees. If the membership fee is too high for your personal circumstances, you can ask us for an extension or the possibility to pay in installments. Such arrangements are flexible.

Here’s what to do when you start your studies

  1. If you don’t apply for a daily allowance and start your studies, you don’t have to do anything in our direction. Keep your membership valid by paying the membership fee.
  2. If you apply for daily allowance and start your studies, please contact the TE Office before you start your studies. They will help you find out about the different options for combining your studies and unemployment benefit. Please state in your application that you have started your studies.
  3. If you are studying and are not a member of the unemployment fund, join on your first day of work. This way, you can work part-time and summer jobs to meet the employment conditionality and take advantage of income support when looking for a job as soon as you graduate