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Home Is OmaYTK saying that your job application is not valid? Do this!

Is OmaYTK saying that your job application is not valid? Do this!


  • Income security

Oh my! Is the job application not valid? Don’t worry – now you can easily request a statement for your application!

Have you ever been told by OmaYTK that we can’t pay your daily allowance when you think everything should be OK? It could be that your TE statement has not been received. If this happens, you now have an easy way to order the necessary statement directly from OmaYTK. The new feature was launched on 22.8.2023.

Why do statements not always find their way to OmaYTK?

The Labour Market Authority no longer sends the statements directly to us, but we have to retrieve them from the system based on the notification sent by the TE Statement. Sometimes, however, the statements cannot find us because the data transfer fails at some point in the chain. The TE Office may have the wrong payer in their records, in which case we do not receive the necessary notifications. The data transfer can also fail on our end and we cannot get the requested statement from the TE Office’s system.

Do you always have to go and get the statement?

No, if everything is in order with your application and you can see the statement on the application or in your own data under “Statements and requests for clarification from Employment Authority”.

What does the new functionality look like?

You can find the functionality in OmaYTK.