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Is my YTK membership still valid?


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maYTK is the easiest and fastest way to see if your membership is valid.

  1. Log in to OmaYTK. To log in, you will need your online banking credentials, mobile certificate or certificate card.
  2. In OmaYTK, check that your membership fee appears as paid. If you are a member of both YTK Unemployment Fund and YTK Worklife, the status of your membership fee will be shown separately for both memberships.
  3. If your membership fee is in order, your membership is valid.
  4. If your membership fee is outstanding, pay it immediately. Only by paying your membership fee will you ensure that your membership remains valid. If you have just paid your membership fee, it will take a few banking days for the information to be updated in OmaYTK.

Membership of an unemployment fund alone does not yet guarantee entitlement to earnings-related daily allowance. See here for more information on what it takes to receive earnings-related daily allowance.