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Home Reminder 2/2024

Your YTK Unemployment Fund membership fee for 2024 is still unpaid

If you have already agreed with us on a new due date or to pay your bill in instalments, you don’t need to do anything else.

By paying your membership fee, you ensure that your membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund remains valid. So pay your 2024 membership fee now so that your income protection is not interrupted.

If you don’t have a copy of your invoice, do the following:

  1. Log in to OmaYTK
  2. You can pay the invoice in OmaYTK
  3. Order an e-invoice

If you have retired, for example, and you no longer need your membership with us, please submit your resignation.

Stricter conditions: it’s not worth giving up income security now

If you fail to pay your membership fees and your membership expires, you will lose the membership and working conditions you have accumulated with us. To get back on the earnings protection benefits, you’ll need to meet these conditions again.

From next autumn, a change in the law will make it take twice as long to meet these conditions. Currently, six months is enough, but from autumn onwards at least a year will be needed. It is therefore particularly worthwhile to keep your membership valid now.

If you are unemployed, income support is an important supplementary income

As one of our members, you have the possibility of receiving an earnings-related daily allowance if you become unemployed or are laid off. You can also apply for adjusted daily allowance if you work part-time and receive alternation compensation if you are on alternation leave before 31 July 2024. As a member, you can also apply for a mobility grant, which makes it easier to apply for and receive work from a slightly longer distance.

See the table to see how much your daily allowance would be if you were unemployed or laid off. Remember that earnings-related security also builds up a pension, unlike the basic daily allowance or labour market subsidy you can claim from Kela.

You can also check the amount of your earnings-related daily allowance using our calculator.

E-invoice is the easiest way to pay your membership fee

Using an e-invoice to pay your membership fee is easier, more flexible and safer than paper invoice. Bills are easy to manage and don’t get lost in other mail.

Set up an e-invoice in OmaYTK or your own online bank. When you have subscribed to e-invoicing, you can request a notification from your online bank when a new invoice arrives.

If you wish, you can also set an incoming e-invoice to be paid automatically.

Two options to order an e-invoice:

  1. Order an e-invoice proposal in the OmaYTK service:
    • Log in to OmaYTK and click on the bar on the right to switch to e-invoice.
    • Select your bank from the list.
    • Click on Send e-invoice proposal.
    • IMPORTANT: The e-invoice proposal will arrive in your online bank within 1-3 business days to await your approval. You must approve the proposal within 30 days or it will expire and the order will not be processed. In some banks’ mobile app, e-bill proposals are not visible. However, you can go to the browser version of your online bank to approve the proposal.
  2. Make an e-invoice authorisation in your online bank:
    • Login to your online bank.
    • Follow the instructions in your online bank to order an e-invoice.
    • If you need the invoice reference number, you can find it in the OmaYTK under Membership Fees -> Invoice details.