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Backlog of appeals


  • Income security
  • Unemployment

High unemployment and widespread layoffs at the beginning of the year are now reflected in the appeal. We are processing all appeals within the deadlines set for them, although the processing time is now slightly longer than usual.

We are now receiving more appeals than before. The processing time is longer than usual, but we process all appeals in accordance with the law within 30 days of the end of the appeal period.

Once you have made an appeal, you can wait in peace.

If we can correct the decision as you wish, we will give you a new decision on the case and correct the charges. If we cannot correct the decision, we will send your appeal to the Social Security Appeals Board. At the same time, you will receive our opinion and, if you wish, you can comment on it or provide the Appeals Board with further information.

You do not need to contact us separately regarding the time taken to process your appeal.

Read more about appeals in our information bank.